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Anytime Coaching Support

Schedule coaching sessions any time you need support


Anytime Coaching Support is available for you on an as needed basis. These sessions are great as a follow-up to your Myers-Briggs Vision Session, or any time you could benefit from coaching, guidance and support.

With Anytime Coaching Support, the responsibility is on you to come to our sessions with an agenda for what you need help with, along with any questions you may have.

As a coach, I may give suggestions or recommendations, but my focus will be on helping you come to your own clarity about how to move forward.

For example, you might want:

  • Further insight into your Myers-Briggs type and how to put what we learned from your session into action
  • Feedback on a specific situation that you are encountering in your work, business or in any area of your life
  • Help evaluating options, making a decision or deciding on a direction
  • Support preparing for a difficult conversation that might involve setting boundaries, advocating for yourself, providing feedback
  • Strategies for an upcoming pitch or negotiation
  • Clarity on action steps that you can take to get unstuck or move closer to a goal
  • Ideas for reducing stress and overwhelm, or handling a work or personal crisis
  • Time to step back from the day-to-day and assess where you are in relation to your mission, vision and goals

Here are some of the topics that we can address in a session:

Work life:
Career crisis/discrimination/abuse
Job transition - layoff, job hunting, career change
Advancement/upleveling profile
Business development and sales
Team dynamics

For small business owners:
Business model
Services and products

Personal life:
Time management
Self-care - stress and health management
Financial management
Work-life navigation
Personal crises affecting work

Myers-Briggs follow-up:
Communication style
Decision making
Change management
Conflict management
Team dynamics

Internal narrative:
Limiting beliefs
Imposter complex/confidence

External narrative:
Effective communication
Advocacy - for self and others

Mission, Values & Legacy:
Personal vs professional goals
Aligning with values
Aligning insides and outsides - authenticity and integration
Zone of genius
Mission & vision