Are you tired of feeling that the success you want comes at too high a cost?

Inclusive leadership coaching

Holistic coaching for mission-driven leaders at all levels


Whatever level you are at in your organization, we believe that true success, fulfillment and impact requires a new approach to leadership - one that is aligned, holistic and inclusive.

Inclusive leadership seeks to co-create the conditions that allow you, your team, your clients and/or your community to fully align with who you are, your unique perspective and experience, and not just what you’re good at but how you naturally energize - in other words your “zone of genius”.

We believe the process of creating inclusion has to itself be inclusive, and that inclusion starts with ourselves.

If you're feeling stuck as to how to take steps in your life to better align with your values, talents and what you believe in, as well as to support others to do the same, let's talk.

Unexpectedly, we have found that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (a popular personality assessment that gives you a four-letter type such as ENTJ or ISFP) can be used as a powerful framework to help you understand the ways in which you have been socialized to be something other than who you are. We use Myers-Briggs as a tool for inclusion - to validate your natural personality preferences and who you are rather than who you think you should be, and to then better understand and create inclusion for those you work with and interact with as well.

We start our coaching relationship with a detailed Myers-Briggs assessment and deep dive interpretation session. We also look at your values, your "zone of genius" and your vision and create a customized action plan so you know how to move forward.

Longer term coaching plans are then available to provide you with the support you need to further unpack your past and current experiences, unlock the areas in your life where you feel stuck (for example, inner critic, external communication and relationships, career advancement, leadership, work/life integration or mission and legacy), and deepen your impact as an inclusive leader committed to shifting culture and driving equity for all.

Investment starts at $950. Sliding scale rates are available.

"Alethea has an excellent way of allowing her clients to look at their lives and determine where they are spending most of their time, and she is very patient and non-judgmental - essential skills for a coach." - Cynthia 

“Alethea is phenomenal. I think she’s fantastic and I really appreciate all that she has done. She has a multi-faceted approach and a unique passion. She can synthesize quickly, she can summarize quickly, and that really helps you reflect things back.” - Margaret

“Alethea cuts to the quick and lifts you out to the cloud line to get the bigger picture. My biggest takeaway was to place myself equally at the table and not discount my ability to provide value just because I have kids. She encouraged me to pursue what I want to do rather than give in to the pressure of what I’m supposed to want.” - Sylvia