Cultivating women as leaders creates greater success for all.

Women's leadership and team development 

Transform your company or organization's leadership and teams at all levels


An aligned, holistic and inclusive leadership model serves both the organization and its people, increasing individual and team performance and satisfaction while also contributing to the bottom line.

Develop leadership and teams at all levels through a powerful combination of workshops, training and coaching so that you can better attract, engage, motivate and retain talent.

Who you are:

You’re a mission-driven company or organization that is committed to diversity and inclusion but may not be actively doing enough to convey this commitment to your people. In the current environment, just being committed is not enough - women (and other under-represented groups) need to feel seen and heard, and they also need to see concrete action steps and real change coming about from the highest levels of leadership.

Many firms, and many leaders and managers, want to support women, but they aren’t exactly sure what to do, or else the steps that they have been taking are not adequate.

Do you have a high turnover of women at your company? Is there a lack of women in leadership roles, in particular groups or departments, or fulfilling certain roles at your organization? Do women hit roadblocks at your company that you’re not sure how to remove?

What you can do:

Let’s start by discussing your needs. What are your organization’s mission, vision and goals, and how can cultivating women as leaders help achieve those goals?

Our work together will always be customized to the current reality and needs of your organization as well as the people within it. 

We can begin with a 1-2 hour women’s leadership workshop or forum to get the ball rolling, but I always recommend beginning with a needs assessment or strategic planning phase where we talk to your people (at all levels within your company or organization) to find out what is most critical to meeting your needs.

We can then put together a program based on our findings, but that might include the following:


  • Better attract, engage, motivate and retain talent
  • Increase individual and team performance and satisfaction
  • Increase creativity, innovation, collaboration, decision making, conflict resolution, change management and, ultimately, the bottom line
  • Strengthen the leadership pipeline
  • Support better work/life fit for everyone
  • Create a better place to work for all

Possible participant groups:

  • Current and potential women leaders
  • Leadership teams
  • Project teams
  • Functional or cross-functional teams
  • New hires
  • Newly promoted leaders
  • All employees (elective or required)

Possible delivery formats:

  • One or two day workshop
  • Workshop series 
  • Private coaching 
  • Women’s leadership mastermind groups
  • Mentoring program
  • Policy review 
  • Culture shift - new mandate, tools, guidelines, mission statement

Possible content:

Using your voice and increasing your impact as a leader without sacrificing yourself in the process

  • Aligning with your values and what matters most to you
  • Understanding your personality type to leverage what naturally energizes you
  • Personality type and team dynamics - understanding differences to increase individual and team performance and satisfaction
  • Making bold asks - relationship building, sales and negotiation
  • Standing in the role of leader - managing up and managing down
  • Mentoring and sponsorship
  • Thought leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Limiting beliefs and the imposter complex
  • Work-life navigation
  • Time management
  • Self-care
  • Mission and legacy


  • Unconscious bias training
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Support for working parents

Note: where the scope demands a larger team or specialized expertise, I bring in partners to support those needs.

To discuss your organization's needs and discover how we could work together, let's schedule a time to chat on the phone.