What if you had the secret code to the universe?

Myers-Briggs Assessment & Coaching

The power of understanding your personality type is that it's not just about what you're good at, but what energizes you.

  • What if you had a framework for understanding not just yourself but others, including coworkers, team members, clients, and even friends and family members?
  • What if you could gain self-knowledge AND an understanding of what to do with that knowledge, in other words, both introspection and application?
  • What if you could align with what naturally energizes you so you could be more discerning about how to leverage your time for the greatest impact with the least effort?
  • And what if you could bring this knowledge to your team so that each team member could also better understand their own and each other’s preferences and how to better work together to increase team and individual performance as well as job satisfaction?

You likely have heard of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment that gives you your personality type in the form of four letters, such as ISTJ or ENFP.

However, unless you’ve taken an in-depth “Step II” Assessment and worked with a Myers-Briggs certified practitioner, you have probably only scratched the surface of this science and research validated tool, the most widely used personality inventory in the world.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), when administered correctly, can provide an incredible depth of insight and understanding that has far-reaching implications for:

  • leadership and career development
  • communication style
  • decision making
  • conflict resolution
  • team dynamics
  • stress
  • work-life navigation
  • corporate culture
  • business model design
  • marketing
  • business development
  • sales

It really is like the secret code to the universe! Or at least to understanding yourself and others.


What is not widely known is that ethical use of the MBTI instrument requires that the results be delivered with interactive feedback and that only you can decide what your “best-fit” type is, regardless of the results of the instrument. This is particularly reassuring for those that find assessment questions hard to answer because they lack in nuance.

What is also not widely understood is that MBTI measures natural and innate personality preferences and does NOT measure behavior, skill or competence. The benefit of understanding your own and other’s natural preferences is that these preferences reflect what naturally energizes you.

MBTI also gives you a framework for understanding how environment - family of origin, social, educational, and professional culture, etc. - influences behavior and often guides people “out of preference.” High-functioning, talented and ambitious professionals are generally good at “flexing” out of preference, but doing this too much is draining and can lead to burnout.


I believe it is through aligning with what naturally energizes you that you and your team can create the highest value without sacrificing yourselves or others in the process, while also finding great personal satisfaction.

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