Are you tired of feeling that the success you want comes at too high a cost?

Women's leadership coaching

Holistic coaching for ambitious, mission-driven women at all levels of leadership


As women, the challenges we face as we establish ourselves as leaders can feel daunting. Although much progress has been made, we continue to live under traditional masculine models of leadership that look at time and money as the primary metrics of success - in other words, your value is measured by the hours you're willing to put in and how you contribute to the bottom line.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that these old models don't work for men OR women.

We need an approach that is NOT just about your career, job, work or professional life.  When you take a holistic approach to aligning your life with your values and what naturally energizes you (not just what you’re good at), you can gain the leverage you need to create a greater impact without sacrificing yourself in the process.


When we can recognize the stories that we tell ourselves, that we have internalized as a result of institutionalized and systematized hierarchies - and let’s face it, some of those narratives are still very much external, explicit, and all over the news - we can instead take control of and shift our own narratives to live out a different story.

When we can align with who we are, rather than who we have been told we should be, or who we ourselves have come to believe we should be, the energy we can harness enables us to achieve so much more, without paying such a high cost.

In this way, you can increase your personal and professional impact without sacrificing yourself in the process. 


I'm Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick, an Advanced Certified Coach with the Gaia Project for Women's Leadership and a Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioner.

My background as an architect with almost 20 years of experience managing workplace strategy and corporate headquarters projects for clients, a family photographer and photography coach for parents, and a mom of two boys (currently 6 and 9 years old) uniquely positions me to support women working in corporate or for small teams, or who are business owners themselves (find out more about me here).

The women I work with are good at what they do, are passionate and committed and want to serve and be of value.

But they’re also feeling stuck - either stuck with moving forward or stuck on a trajectory that is moving them forward but at what increasingly feels like too high a cost.


Let me help you - we’ll chat first to see if it’s a good fit, and there is no obligation to move forward unless we both feel that I can help you.

How it works:

  • Book a complimentary phone consult (see below).

  • I'll be in touch within two business days to schedule our 20 minute "get to know you" consult with qualified applicants - I'll ask you more about your current situation, your challenges and your goals, and I will give you one action to take in order to either increase your impact or lessen your stress - or both! (this is pitch-free).

  • If after our initial conversation it feels like a good fit, we’ll schedule a longer follow-up conversation to dive deeper and put together an action plan which you can either implement by yourself or, if you’re interested, I’ll give you more details about how I can help you as your women’s leadership coach.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, let's schedule a time to chat.